Future Houston


History and Vision

Houston downtown

Center for Houston’s Future is a nonprofit that works to understand future global trends and their impact on the Houston region. We focus on issues that are critical to the long-term success of Greater Houston. In short, we aim to ensure Houston remains a great place to live and work for all its residents.

We bring business, government, community and academic stakeholders to engage in planning, research, consensus building and action. Our framework includes three key pillars: strategic initiatives, community outreach/thought leadership and our Business/Civic Leadership Forum. We conduct economic research and strategic planning, hold community events and develop leaders.

Our strategic initiatives currently include energy, climate and the energy transition; health and health equity; and the economic importance of immigration. Much of our strategic work starts with an economic lens and efforts may include road map and project creation.

The Center, also known as CHF, was created in 1992 as an affiliate of the Greater Houston Partnership to develop research projects and educational programs.

In 2000, after input from business and civic leaders, the Center was spun off from the Greater Houston Partnership, as an independent affiliate with an independent board, to focus on deepening the bench and widening the circle of civic leadership in the region.

The Center continues its independent affiliation with the Partnership as well as our Business/Civic Leadership Forum, which has graduated some 1,300 leaders.