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The Center focuses on the long-term economic importance of immigrants and immigration and their significant contributions to the region’s success.

The Center began working on immigration in 2017, focusing on the economic importance of immigrants and immigration to the success of the Greater Houston region. Since launching our Strategic Initiative on immigration, we have created an economic model, published two groundbreaking reports, convened focus groups and hosted a number of public discussions. We continue to engage with a broad group of collaborating organizations to address immigration issues, particularly through the lens of Houston’s long-term economic outlook.


REPORT: Houston’s Economic Future: Immigration

REPORT: 2019 Study

Looking ahead to Houston’s 200th anniversary in 2036, we developed an economic forecasting tool to analyze how changes in immigration would affect the region’s economy. 

Our findings confirm that curtailing immigration would significantly depress economic growth. 

REPORT- 2019 Study
Collaborative Partners and Projects

Collaborative Partners and Projects

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