Future Houston



The Center focuses on the long-term economic importance of immigrants and immigration and their significant contributions to the region’s success.

Collaborative Partners and Projects

  • Rational Middle and the Center for the United States and Mexico (CUSMX) at Rice University’s Baker Institute have been among our closest collaborators on immigration.
  • The Center worked with these organizations to produce a series of short documentaries , crafted by Rational Middle, to present the facts on immigration and frame them with historical context and personal stories. These videos focus on the challenges facing our country through the eyes of immigrants, municipalities, researchers, business owners, and citizens on the ground who find themselves confronted with this issue.
  • The Center and CUSMX also collaborated on immigration workshops and summits that featured national scholars and experts. We continue to promote research and fact-based analysis of the need for a rational immigration policy to support economic growth.
  • In 2020, we hosted a series of webcasts on immigration intended to advance the conversation about immigration and its economic importance in Houston and Texas.