Future Houston



The Center focuses on the long-term economic importance of immigrants and immigration and their significant contributions to the region’s success.


Houston’s Economic Future: Immigration

  • We published a groundbreaking 2019 report and followed with a 2021 update, titled Houston’s Economic Future: Immigration (all links direct to report page, content to be sent separately). Each elaborates on how Houston’s economic growth is intertwined with its demography. We discuss how immigration has historically fueled the region’s economy and why it will be key to our economic future. In fact, virtually no other region of the country will be affected by immigration more than Greater Houston.


  • The report and update featured an economic forecasting tool that analyzes how changes in immigration would affect the region’s economy. The findings show curtailing immigration would significantly depress economic growth.


  • These publications – along with the work done by our partners such as Rational Middle – act as springboards for a community-wide discussion on and support for immigration as an economic asset to the region.